Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Taylor Swift’s attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games has become a significant storyline in the 2023-24 NFL regular season. Despite the attention it has garnered, sportsbook representatives say that her presence has led to increased betting activity. Christian Cipollini, trading manager at BetMGM, stated that the “Taylor Swift effect” is real and that her attendance at games has resulted in higher engagement with sportsbooks.

The impact of Swift’s presence is particularly evident in the performance of Travis Kelce, her boyfriend and a player for the Kansas City Chiefs. Cipollini noted that when Swift is rumored to attend a game, the number of bets placed on Kelce’s player props significantly increases. In the five games where Swift has been in attendance, the Chiefs have performed exceptionally well, with a 5-0 record and a 4-1 record against the spread. This success has resulted in the Chiefs being the most popular team for betting and generating the most money for sportsbooks.

Despite the Chiefs’ success, BetMGM has still experienced a strong first half of the NFL regular season. According to Cipollini, favorable outcomes in primetime games and a high rate of unders hitting have contributed to this success. Additionally, player props, particularly those involving Kelce, and parlays have seen significant popularity, with one bettor recently winning $149,564 on a 15-leg NFL parlay.

Looking ahead, BetMGM has observed a 26% year-over-year increase in NFL bets. After the Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles have generated the most tickets and handle. As for Super Bowl betting, the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Chiefs are the most-bet teams, with the Chiefs having the shortest odds of winning the big game at +475. The Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas for the first time, adding an extra level of excitement to the event.

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