On February 4, 2024, the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am was cut short due to severe storm conditions. As a result, many sports bettors, who had placed bets on Wyndham Clark’s win, were left displeased when certain sportsbooks voided their bets.

PGA Tour officials made the decision to cancel the final round due to unplayable conditions at Pebble Beach, declaring Wyndham Clark the winner with a score of -17. This decision was met with disappointment by bettors who had placed bets following the completion of the third round in anticipation of the championship round being cancelled. However, many sportsbooks voided these bets according to their house rules.

DraftKings, for example, stated that futures bets made after the completion of one round and before the start of another are voided if the subsequent round isn’t played. This led to frustration among bettors who had placed significant wagers on the tournament’s outcome.

In response to the outcry, DraftKings announced that it was reviewing the settlement of certain bets placed on the tournament, indicating a potential reconsideration of its house rules in light of the event’s cancellation.

Despite the voided bets, Clark emerged as the victor, marking the third win of his career on the Tour and elevating his world ranking to number six. His victory continued a trend of long-shot winners on the PGA Tour in recent events, providing some consolation to bettors who had staked their hopes on unlikely outcomes.

As with any unforeseen circumstances in sporting events, the cancellation of the final round at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am prompted discussions about the settlement of bets and the application of house rules by sportsbooks. While some bettors voiced their displeasure on social media, others accepted the outcome, recognizing that the cancellation of the final round fell within the parameters of existing house rules.

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