Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

The price of tickets and accommodations for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix race has dropped significantly, making it more affordable for fans to attend at the last minute. Last November, room prices on the Strip in Las Vegas were initially set at a high price, with the Luxor’s lowest room going for $653 per night and the Bellagio’s highest at $1,773 per night. However, prices have since dropped by as much as 75%, with rooms at the Luxor now available for $249, and even lower prices at other hotels such as the Silver Sevens, Rio, and Circus Circus. On the other hand, the Bellagio’s lowest-priced room has increased to $2,300.

Despite the significant price drops, fans are reminded to factor in resort fees and taxes when booking accommodations. The lower prices for rooms have made attending the event more feasible for fans who were initially deterred by the high costs set by ticket sellers.

As a result of the reduced prices, some fans who were initially unable to afford to attend the race now have the opportunity to do so at more reasonable rates. However, others have chosen to watch the event from the comfort of their homes rather than be “ripped off” with the initially high prices for everything they would need during the weekend in Las Vegas. Ultimately, the reduced prices for accommodations have made it possible for more fans to attend the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix race.

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