The popular sports media company, Barstool Sports, made an announcement on Monday that it is partnering with the right-leaning video-sharing platform, Rumble. Shares of Rumble soared by more than 32% after the news, with the company’s cloud computing segment also gaining attention.

According to a statement released by the companies, the partnership will allow Rumble users to access all Barstool Sports content on the platform, including live streams. Additionally, Barstool Sports will promote Rumble as their preferred video home and will become a client of Rumble Cloud.

Rumble is known for positioning itself as a “high-growth video platform and cloud services provider” that aims to ensure freedom on the internet without the perceived bias and censorship seen in some mainstream, left-leaning platforms. This aligns well with Barstool Sports, whose founder, David Portnoy, is no stranger to controversy.

The announcement of the partnership comes after Barstool Sports was returned to the control of Portnoy, who bought the company back from Penn Entertainment last August. This move was made after Penn Entertainment announced plans to partner with ESPN on a sports betting mobile application, which may have been hindered by Portnoy’s outspoken nature.

Portnoy expressed excitement about Rumble’s commitment to sports and expanding its audiences, stating that Barstool Sports will help Rumble become a top player in the video, cloud, and live streaming space.

However, despite the positive news of the partnership, Barstool Sports is now in search of a new CEO, after Erika Ayers Badan resigned from the position last week. Badan played a key role in the company’s growth and its engagement with mainstream advertisers, and her departure marks a significant change for the company. Portnoy expressed his appreciation for Badan’s contributions in a social media post, acknowledging her as an integral part of Barstool Sports’ success.

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