The New York Jets have made a big quarterback change in week 12 of the NFL season. After a string of losses and poor offensive performances, struggling quarterback Zach Wilson has been benched and replaced by backup quarterback Tim Boyle. The decision came after the Jets fell to the Buffalo Bills and suffered an embarrassing blowout, prompting the coaches to make a change.

Wilson, who began the season as a backup, struggled in the starting role. He led the Jets to victory in Week 1 but has since gone 3-6 as a starter, leaving the team in a difficult position. Despite calls from fans to acquire another quarterback before the trade deadline, the Jets chose to stick with Wilson, but his poor performances forced the team’s hand.

The 22-year-old quarterback’s statistics tell the story of his struggles. Wilson completed just 59.2% of his passes, throwing only six touchdowns and being sacked 38 times. His QBR rating of 30.1 ranks him 30th in the league, and the Jets’ offense has suffered as a result. They average only 15.0 points per game and have the third-worst passing attack in the NFL.

In contrast, Tim Boyle, with limited experience as a starter, was chosen to replace Wilson. Despite a 0-3 record as a starter, the Jets coaching staff are optimistic about Boyle’s ability to command the huddle and make quick decisions, two essential qualities for a struggling offense.

The decision to bench Wilson and start Boyle comes ahead of an important matchup against the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are currently 7-3 this season and are favored to win, leaving the Jets as a +10 home underdog. The Jets’ odds of making the playoffs are slim, and they have seen their future market odds plummet after their recent losing streak.

Overall, the Jets’ decision to make a change at quarterback reflects a team grappling with a tough season and looking for a turnaround heading into the latter part of the year.

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