Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Betting Analyst Doug Kezirian Joins Only Players

Doug Kezirian, a long-standing figure in the sports betting industry with ties to Las Vegas, has joined Only Players, a new sports wagering content platform. Kezirian, who spent over a decade with ESPN, will be the primary host for Only Players and is said to be receiving equity in the company.

According to the Only Players website, Kezirian has taken on the role of Chief Content Officer, Senior Betting Analyst, and main on-air talent to launch a show called ‘Wager Watch with Doug Kezirian’ in Las Vegas. The platform is looking to leverage his two decades of broadcasting experience, along with his betting expertise and insider access.

Kezirian’s move to Only Players comes after an 11-year stint at ESPN, where he played a key role in launching the “Daily Wager” show. However, Kezirian was among the on-air personalities laid off by ESPN earlier this year as part of cost-cutting measures by parent company Walt Disney.

As the sports wagering landscape continues to evolve, there has been a growing intersection between gaming companies and media entities. Only Players is positioning Kezirian to potentially drive traffic and gather viewership for his daily 30-minute show, which will be available as a podcast.

Kezirian is recognized as a skilled bettor, having won significant amounts in various betting challenges, including $58,000 in the 2022 William Hill College Football Challenge and nearly $300,000 in an NFL contest.

Only Players is reportedly seeking a linear television partner, as they aim to expand their reach beyond digital platforms. With Kezirian’s experience and expertise, the platform is hopeful that he can help elevate their status in the sports wagering media landscape.

Furthermore, Kezirian’s ties to Las Vegas and his previous success with “Daily Wager” position him as a valuable asset to Only Players. ESPN’s decision to move “Daily Wager” from Las Vegas to Bristol, Conn., was met with criticism, as the city is considered the sports wagering capital of the United States.

Kezirian, a Los Angeles native, moved to Las Vegas to take on a sports director position with the local ABC affiliate and continues to reside in the city.

In summary, Kezirian’s move to Only Players marks a new chapter in his career, and the platform is hoping to capitalize on his expertise and industry experience to solidify their presence in the sports wagering media landscape.

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