Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

On October 18th, the Las Vegas Aces triumphed over the New York Liberty in the WNBA finals. The star center, A’ja Wilson, led her team to victory and used the post-game press conference to issue a personal invitation to Usher for the team’s victory celebration. She even went so far as to playfully threaten Usher, saying, “I’d better see you, Usher. I’m not playing with you.”

However, the celebration came and went, and Usher was nowhere to be found. But last Friday, the VIP booths at the front of Usher’s “My Way” Dolby Live residency at Park MGM were filled with Aces players, finally rectifying the earlier snub. The Aces players even joined Usher on stage during his set and danced, with the crowd going wild at Aces guard Sydney Colson’s energetic performance.

During the set, Usher serenaded A’ja Wilson, a regular occurrence during his shows. He even changed the lyrics of his song to reference A’ja Wilson’s social media campaign to get Usher to join their victory rally at Toshiba Plaza. The following morning, A’ja Wilson’s teammate, Alysha Clark, thanked Usher for his hospitality and for paying attention to Wilson’s tweets over the past year.

A video of the event was also shared on Twitter. This marked the end of the personal feud between A’ja Wilson and Usher, as the two shared a special moment together on stage, showing that sometimes threatened invitations can lead to memorable experiences.

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