Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Spiegelworld, a Las Vegas-based company known for producing adult-themed circus shows, recently revealed a new production set to debut on the Strip. However, the show, originally titled “Box Box,” faced a name change shortly after its announcement.

The show was scheduled to premiere at the Cosmopolitan, just before the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, with a focus on the subject matter of the race. “Box Box” is a term used in the F1 world to refer to a pit stop. However, the company faced legal threats due to the similarity of the name to a New York City adult cabaret nightclub, a California storage company, and a boxing gym in Pasadena.

As a result, the show will now be known as “Lights Out!” The new name is a reference to the starting phrase of an F1 race, “It’s lights out and away we go,” popularized by F1 announcer David Croft. Spiegelworld founder and chief Ross Mollison joked about the possibility of getting sued by NV Energy company due to the name change.

The show features four performers who resemble a racing pit crew but engage in choreographed dances and seemingly unrelated tasks like solving a Rubik’s Cube and changing a doll’s diaper. The production aims to explore the fascination with fast cars and racing, tying into the upcoming F1 race in Las Vegas.

“Lights Out!” is set to debut on November 15 inside Superfrico at the Cosmopolitan. Reservations are available on the Spiegelworld website with a $100 food and beverage minimum per person. Despite the name change, Spiegelworld is eager to embrace the spirit of the F1 race and showcase its unique circus entertainment to Las Vegas audiences.

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