Five Las Vegas politicians were found to have accepted “educational” tickets worth over $10,900 each to attend November’s inaugural F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, based on campaign finance records reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The tickets were good for all F1 race events from November 15-18 and included a value of $10,000 each, with an additional $900 for Nevada’s 9% live entertainment tax. This information was disclosed in the qualifying commissioners’ 2024 financial disclosure reports.

According to the report, all seven members of the Clark County Commission were offered a ticket to the Skybox area, as per a letter sent to commissioners. While Commissioners Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Michael Naft declined F1’s offer, Tick Segerblom, William McCurdy, Jim Gibson, Justin Jones, and Ross Miller accepted the tickets.

Segerblom defended his attendance, stating that the county, its employees, and residents suffered adverse consequences due to the event and therefore felt it was necessary to learn as much as possible, considering the potential for future events in the next nine years. McCurdy echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of understanding how the event works. Miller also stated that he attended to understand the event’s size and to inform his permitting and licensing decisions.

However, it was revealed that Segerblom initially failed to disclose his attendance at the race in his 2024 financial disclosure report, but he expressed his intention to amend his report. Additionally, McCurdy and Naft admitted to accepting $10,000 in campaign donations each from the Oakland Athletics, which is the maximum amount allowed by law. The MLB team also contributed at least $1,000 each to the campaigns of 30 of the 38 Nevada lawmakers who voted to approve $380 million in public funding for the A’s to build a new Las Vegas stadium.

This information raises concerns about the relationships between politicians and large sports organizations, as well as the ethical implications of accepting gifts and donations from such entities.

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