Las Vegas Mayor Expresses Doubt Over Oakland Athletics’ Relocation
In a recent podcast, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed skepticism about the Oakland Athletics’ plan to relocate to her city. The outspoken mayor questioned the financial feasibility of the move and raised concerns about the chosen location for the new stadium.

Goodman specifically criticized the decision to build the new stadium at the site of the Tropicana, a soon-to-be-demolished Vegas landmark. She expressed worry about the increased congestion in the area and stated a preference for the original stadium site at the Red Rock Casino. The mayor suggested that the team’s desire to move closer to the Strip was ill-conceived and did not make sense to her.

However, Goodman also questioned the Athletics’ commitment to the move, suggesting that the team’s leadership may still be hoping to resolve their issues in Oakland. She spoke in support of the people of Oakland and their desire to keep the team, implying that the Athletics should find a way to make their dream of staying in Oakland a reality.

Following the podcast, Mayor Goodman attempted damage control by issuing a statement on Twitter expressing excitement at the prospect of Major League Baseball in Las Vegas. This statement was seen as a response to the candid nature of her podcast interview.

It’s worth noting that the mayor’s opinions and concerns do not have any direct authority over the decisions affecting the Oakland Athletics or the Tropicana’s current owner, Bally’s Corp. Nonetheless, her strong views on the matter have brought attention to the ongoing discussions surrounding the team’s potential relocation.

Despite the mayor’s doubts and reservations, it remains to be seen whether the Oakland Athletics will indeed make the move to Las Vegas.

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