On February 9, 2024, retired boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather made headlines after shelling out $1.13M on a suite for the Super Bowl. He proudly displayed his extravagant purchase on Instagram, posting a copy of his receipt for all to see. Mayweather, known for his lavish spending, has a history of flaunting his wealth on social media. This includes the $6.4M he has spent on luxury watches, the $10M engagement ring for his ex-fianceé Shantel Jackson, and the $600K he spent to fly 300 friends and family members to his 2013 fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Despite his fame and fortune, Mayweather was unable to secure complimentary tickets to the first Las Vegas Super Bowl. While he could have landed free seats for himself and a small group of friends due to his celebrity status, his suite catering to 34 people was a tall order to comp, even for someone of his renown.

In a bold Instagram caption, Mayweather made it clear that he does not have to beg for anything, especially not for a Super Bowl suite. He emphasized the importance of being the one who pays for seats and suites, enabling him to have full control and invite whoever he wants.

The timing of Mayweather’s purchase seems strategic, as multiple reports indicate that Super Bowl LVIII, featuring the San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs, is set to be the most expensive Super Bowl of all time to watch in person. Even the cheapest seats are averaging $8,600 each, with suites like Mayweather’s reportedly going for as much as $2.5M.

It appears that Mayweather may have made a smart investment by securing his suite early, potentially saving money compared to the prices that will be charged closer to the event. Despite the steep cost, Money Mayweather’s purchase demonstrates that for him, when it comes to experiencing events like the Super Bowl, money is no object.

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