An unnamed employee has been terminated following allegations that he manipulated the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Post-Season Hold ‘Em online game to benefit a specific participant. The incident was reported by ESPN, prompting an investigation by NFFC, which is overseen by parent company SportsHub.

The controversy arose after changes were made to the lineup of a contest participant after the game had already commenced. The manipulation involved substituting players during the wild card and divisional rounds of the playoffs, with the accused employee allegedly making unauthorized changes to ensure the participant’s advantage. The altered lineup included swapping Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert for Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones and Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice for Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce.

Initially, the employee claimed the changes were made accidentally, but this explanation was disputed by the company. Subsequently, the employee was fired, and the participant involved was banned from further online play. NFFC founder Greg Ambrosius revealed the scandal, expressing his disappointment and stating that the employee’s life had been “ruined.”

The incident has raised concerns about the integrity of fantasy football competitions, with participant Pete Overzet highlighting the potential for widespread distrust within the industry.

The NFFC Post-Season Hold ‘Em contest had a $150K first prize, and despite the controversy, the results of the contest were not impacted. However, the incident has underscored the need for stringent measures to ensure the fairness and transparency of fantasy sports competitions.

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