Former LSU Football Player Indicted for Illegal Sports Betting

On January 25, 2024, it was reported that Kayshon Boutte, a former LSU football player, was taken into custody by Louisiana State Police after being charged with the illegal placement of over 8,900 sports bets while still in school. The charges against Boutte include computer fraud and gambling while being underage.

The allegations stem from an internal investigation conducted by FanDuel, which revealed that Boutte used his girlfriend’s personal information to open an online sports betting account before he turned 21. The account made nearly 9,000 wagers over the span of a year, including bets on NCAA football and LSU games.

Despite no evidence of betting against LSU or throwing games, Boutte allegedly placed bets on himself through player props and parlays. State investigators traced the funding of the account back to Boutte’s mother, leading to further incriminating evidence against him.

FanDuel also reported that Boutte continued his illegal betting activities after relocating to Massachusetts, following his selection by the New England Patriots in the NFL draft. The investigation revealed that Boutte was the sole user of the account, and he was found to have bet on LSU games in which he played.

The evidence against Boutte includes IP addresses and geolocation data, which linked the bets to his personal devices and physical address. As a result, he is facing felony charges that could result in imprisonment and heavy fines.

The case has attracted significant attention due to Boutte’s status as a former college football star and his subsequent entry into the NFL. His alleged actions have raised concerns about the prevalence of illegal sports betting among student-athletes and the potential repercussions for those involved.

The legal proceedings in the case against Boutte will continue as prosecutors seek to hold him accountable for his actions and send a message about the consequences of engaging in illegal gambling activities.

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