DraftKings Accuses Former Executive of Selling Trade Secrets to Fanatics

On February 6, 2024, DraftKings filed a court case alleging that former executive Michael Hermalyn sold trade secrets to Fanatics in an effort to secure a job with the company. DraftKings claimed that Hermalyn’s actions were part of a scheme to obtain employment with Fanatics, a direct competitor to DraftKings.

DraftKings former executive Michael Hermalyn (right) in an ad for a company podcast. He’s being sued by the sportsbook operator for allegedly selling secrets to Fanatics. (Image: DraftKings Careers)

The civil complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court in the District of Massachusetts, alleges that Hermalyn initiated the scheme during the 2023 Super Bowl when he met with high-ranking Fanatics executives. The complaint further claims that Hermalyn improperly encouraged his subordinates to meet with Fanatics’ CEO about job prospects while also urging DraftKings to pay retention bonuses to himself and his team.

Rift Underscores Industry Competition

DraftKings’ legal action against Hermalyn highlights the fierce competition within the U.S. sports betting industry, particularly in attracting big bettors and retaining VIP clients. The company noted that the competitive landscape for high-value players is highly contested, making Hermalyn’s insider knowledge of DraftKings’ customer base particularly valuable.

More Bad Blood

The legal tussle between DraftKings and Hermalyn also underscores the strained relationship between DraftKings and Fanatics. After failed merger talks in 2021, the two companies have continued to compete aggressively. Last year, Fanatics attempted to acquire PointsBet US, prompting a bidding war with DraftKings.

In response to DraftKings’ lawsuit, Fanatics referred to the allegations as “sour grapes.”

The lawsuit adds to the mounting tension between the two companies and sheds light on the growing competition in the sports betting and iGaming industry. If proven true, Hermalyn’s actions could have far-reaching implications for the two companies and the competitive landscape of the industry overall.

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