Las Vegas Sacrifices Dignity for Advertising during Sporting Events

Las Vegas has made several changes to prepare for the influx of new sporting events, but some of these changes come at the expense of the city’s dignity. The most recent changes include wrapping casino resorts with advertising. The Luxor, one of MGM Resorts’ properties, has been transformed into a 350-foot Dorito, while another side of the pyramid now advertises Michelob Ultra beer. These wraps were installed before Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium to feature prominently in establishing shots of the Las Vegas Strip.

This move seems to mark the beginning of a new era where Las Vegas’ unique architecture is available for wrapping by the highest-bidding advertisers. However, not everyone is happy about these changes. David Hookstead, in a column on, criticized the move, calling it a “bridge too far” and questioning the decision-making behind it.

The Delano, another iconic resort, also fell victim to advertising, with a prime real estate space being occupied by a Pepsi banner. In addition to these wraps, the beloved Mirage Volcano has been closed, drained, and partially dismantled to build “Paramount Mountain,” a display that will promote the television programs offered by Paramount Global’s streaming channel. The timing of this move has sparked criticism, as the volcano has been one of the last truly rare free attractions in Las Vegas.

These changes have been seen as a major blow to the city’s iconic landmarks and attractions, with many questioning the direction in which Las Vegas is heading. From the controversial wrapping of casino resorts to the dismantling of free attractions, the city’s traditional charm is being overshadowed by advertising. The move has left many disappointed, as visitors and locals alike mourn the loss of the city’s historic attractions.

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