On January 26, 2024, Circa founder Derek Stevens announced an exciting marketing initiative to promote the NFC Championship game. Stevens, known for his expertise in customer attraction, is raffling off two spots on his private jet for the game. The lucky winners will accompany him on his private plane from Las Vegas to San Francisco for the NFC Championship.

The raffle is taking place at the “Huddle Up at Overhang” pep rally at the Circa Sportsbook. To participate, individuals can wear either Detroit Lions or San Francisco 49ers gear to the sportsbook or place a $100 proposition wager on the game. The winners must be present to claim their spots on the jet. This marketing strategy not only promotes the game but also engages bettors and sportsbook clients.

The concept of proposition bets, or “prop” bets, is increasingly popular among bettors and operators. These bets offer a different perspective on traditional sports wagers, allowing for more team or player-focused bets. For operators, prop bets present an opportunity for increased revenue and appeal to bettors who are interested in longer odds.

Stevens, a Michigan native, has shown his support for Michigan teams, including the Detroit Lions. He emphasized the ease of the trip, stating, “No need to pack a bag. We’re leaving Sunday morning, and we’ll be back Sunday night. Quick 15-hour trip.”

This is not the first time Stevens has used air travel as a customer attraction tool. In 2020, he pledged to buy 1,000 plane tickets to bring tourists back to Las Vegas as casinos reopened from lockdowns. The recipients of these tickets were not required to stay at Circa, the D, or the Golden Gate, showing Stevens’ commitment to promoting tourism in the area.

Participants in the raffle who do not win spots on the private jet have the chance to win other attractive prizes, including cabanas and daybeds at Circa’s Stadium Swim and dinner at Barry’s Downtown Prime, the flagship restaurant of Circa.

As for the economic impact of the NFC championship game, Stevens expressed optimism for Circa Sports, stating that the Lions are currently the best outcome for the sportsbook for both the NFC title game and the Super Bowl. However, this could change if sharp action comes in on the Lions for the big game after their matchup with the 49ers.

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