The large bet of $1.15 million on the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII has stirred concern among Chiefs fans ahead of the big game this Sunday. The reason for the concern is not so much the size of the bet, but rather the person who placed it: Drake.

Drake, the Canadian rapper, is notorious for his bad luck as a sports prognosticator. His public sports bets have led to the popular belief in the “Drake Curse,” which suggests that any athlete or team he supports will lose their sporting event. The curse even extends to athletes if Drake is seen wearing their jersey in a photo.

In the past year, Drake has suffered multiple losses on sports bets, amounting to a reported $4 million in 2022. This includes a $1.3 million payout loss when he bet on boxer Logan Paul to beat Dillon Danis with a knockout, only for Danis to be disqualified. Some reports claim that Drake wagered more than $2 billion in two months in 2022.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence to support the belief in the “Drake Curse.” In fact, Drake has had successful sports bets in the past, such as correctly picking the Denver Nuggets to win the 2023 NBA title, which earned him $830,000.

Some fans are so convinced of the curse and the supposed rigging of Super Bowl LVIII in favor of the Chiefs that they view the game as part of a covert operation to influence the 2024 presidential election.

Despite the superstitions, if the 49ers win this Super Bowl, some Chiefs fans may still find someone to blame, although it most certainly won’t be Drake.

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