The California Nationals Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) has made a request to halt the plans of backers of recently filed sports betting proposals. The request was made in a letter to Eagle1 Acquisitions Corp., LLC executives, signed by CNIGA and 28 other tribes. The letter implored Kasey Thompson, Reeve Collins, and Ryan Tyler Walz to abandon the Sports Wagering Regulation and Tribal Gaming Protection Act.

The filing for The Sports Wagering Regulation and Tribal Gaming Protection Act surfaced on Oct. 27, and tribal opposition to the plan has been strong. California Tribal casino operators expressed that they were not informed of the filing prior to it becoming public. Some of the tribes that signed the CNIGA letter include the Agua Calienta, Barona, Graton Rancheria, Rincon, and San Manuel Tribes.

The CNIGA promised to be assertive in defeating The Sports Wagering Regulation and Tribal Gaming Protection Act, just as they were in their effort to quash Prop 27. They stated that they would wage an aggressive campaign against the initiatives that they believe would harm potential legitimate efforts to authorize sports wagering responsibly in California.

Following the 2022 defeats of Props 26 and 27, California Tribes believe 2024 isn’t the right time to bring the issue before voters again. Recent polling indicates that voters in the largest state don’t want to address sports betting again next year. The Tribes view sports wagering as a 2026 issue at the earliest, with mobile betting being further out than that.

The CNIGA condemned the initiatives as a “cynical and deceptive attempt to hijack the goodwill tribes have earned and maintained for decades with the people of California.” They also accused the initiatives of being designed to cleanse illegal offshore online gambling corporations with an appalling track record of illegal gambling, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

Overall, the tribal opposition to the sports betting proposal in California is strong, and the CNIGA has made it clear that they will continue to fight against the initiatives to protect their legitimate and highly regulated operations.

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