Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

The morning after a tough 24-22 loss to the Denver Broncos on “Monday Night Football,” the Buffalo Bills fired offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. The Bills, with a 5-5 record, are currently in danger of missing the playoffs if the regular season were to end today. With eight games left to play, the team faces the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL, facing four playoff teams from last season in their next five matchups.

According to Upshot, the Bills have a 19% chance to make the playoffs and only a 1% chance to win the Super Bowl. Additionally, the Bills are +200 to make the playoffs and -250 to miss the postseason, as per a prop bet by DraftKings. The odds reflect the uncertainty surrounding the Bills’ future in the playoffs.

Quarterback Josh Allen expressed his confidence in the team but acknowledged the sense of urgency needed for them to succeed. The decision to fire Dorsey came after the team struggled to score points, averaging just 21 points per game in their last six games. In 2022, the Bills were a dominant force on offense, averaging 28.4 points per game. However, in 2023, their scoring has dropped to an average of 26.2 points per game, affecting their overall performance.

The Bills’ offensive woes can be attributed to their struggles to score over the last six games, with their highest scoring game still falling short of 25 points since Week 4. The team heavily relies on their offense to win games, but Allen and the offense have failed to deliver in key moments.

In their last match against the Broncos, the Bills set an ugly tone from the start with a fumble on the first play from scrimmage and continued to struggle throughout the game. They eventually fell to a 24-22 defeat in a match that was indicative of their recent scoring troubles.

Looking ahead, the Bills still have a tough road ahead with challenging matchups against the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots. Their recent poor performance has caused their Super Bowl and AFC Championship odds to tumble to +3000 and +1500, respectively. The team also has a 3-7 record against the point spread, making them an unattractive betting option.

The Bills will need to regroup and find a way to reignite their offense if they hope to improve their chances of making the playoffs and ultimately contend for a Super Bowl title.

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