Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Bet365 Removes Soccer Player Steven Caulker from Sponsored Sports Broadcast for His Stance on Problem Gambling

Online sports betting leader Bet365 has taken action against soccer player Steven Caulker, removing him from a sports broadcast it was sponsoring due to his vocal stance on problem gambling.

The seasoned center-back, who is currently not associated with any club and is pursuing a new career as a TV and radio pundit, expressed his dissatisfaction with Bet365’s decision on LinkedIn earlier this week.

Caulker revealed that the TV company’s main sponsors, Bet365, rejected his profile due to their concerns about his involvement in raising awareness about problem gambling. He also questioned whether players can truly open up about their struggles without facing consequences.

Caulker has been open about his personal struggles with gambling, alcohol, and depression throughout his career, claiming that these issues have hindered his potential as an athlete. Despite playing for prominent clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, QPR, and Cardiff City, his promising career never reached its full potential. He has also represented England in a single game and currently captains Sierra Leone.

Bet365 responded to the situation, stating that Caulker had applied to appear on a video series sponsored by the gambling company, but the company believed it would be inappropriate for him to appear due to his history with problem gambling. They acknowledged his efforts to raise awareness but maintained their stance on his participation in the sponsored series.

Caulker’s ambition lies in coaching, as he is in the early stages of obtaining his coaching badges with the goal of becoming a manager. He believes that his past experiences as an addict will help him better understand and support young players facing similar pressures.

Caulker’s determination to learn from his past and use his experiences to positively impact others reflects his desire to avoid the same regrets he harbors from his playing career as he transitions into a new role within the football industry.

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